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Promag 55H
  • Promag 55H

Endress+Hauser Electromagnetic flowmeters-Promag 55H


Endress+Hauser Electromagnetic flowmeters-Promag 55H

Product description

Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System
Flow measurement of liquids with solids content or inhomogeneous liquids in hygienic, food or process applications


Your benefits

Promag measuring devices offer you cost-effective flow measurement with a high degree of accuracy for a wide range of process conditions.


The uniform Proline transmitter concept comprises:

  • Modular device and operating concept resulting in a higher degree of efficiency

  • Software options for: electrode cleaning, advanced diagnostics, calculation of mass flow and solids content

  • Uniform operating concept

The tried-and-tested Promag sensors offer:

  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability

  • Optimum operational safety due to advanced, permanent self-diagnosis

  • No pressure loss

  • Not sensitive to vibrations

  • Simple installation and commissioning 

Field of application

Electromagnetic flowmeter for bidirectional measurement of liquids with a minimum conductivity of ≥ 5 μS/cm - in particular fluids that are not homogeneous, fluids with entrained solids or fluids that tend to produce buildup, for example:

  • Fruit mashes, fruit concentrates and final products (salad dressings, soups with vegetable pieces)

  • Beverages, e.g. fruit juice, beer, wine

  • Dairy products, fruit juice mixes

  • Saline solutions

  • Acid, alkalis, etc.

  • Chemically inhomogeneous fluids (e.g. additives)

  • Flow measurement up to 600 m³/h (2650 gal/min)

  • Fluid temperature up to +150 °C (+302 °F)

  • Process pressures up to 40 bar (580 psi)

  • Fitting lengths as per DVGW/ISO

  • CIP-/SIP cleaning

  • Stainless steel housing

Approvals in food sector/hygiene sector:

  • 3A approval, EHEDG-certified, conform to FDA, USP Class VI

Application-specific lining material:

  • PFA

Approvals for hazardous area:


Connection to process control system:



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