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Prosonic S FDU90/FDU91/FDU91F/FDU92/FDU93/FDU95/FDU96
  • Prosonic S FDU90/FDU91/FDU91F/FDU92/FDU93/FDU95/FDU96

Endress+Hauser Ultrasonic level meter-Prosonic S FDU90/FDU91/FDU91F/FDU92/FDU93/FDU95/FDU96


Endress+Hauser Ultrasonic level meter-Prosonic S FDU90/FDU91/FDU91F/FDU92/FDU93/FDU95/FDU96

Product description

Ultrasonic sensors for non-contact continuous level and flow measurement;
for connection to the transmitter FMU90/FMU95


Your benefits

  • Non-contact measurement method; minimizes service requirements

  • Integrated temperature sensor for time-of-flight correction. Accurate measurements are possible, even

    if temperature changes are present.

  • Hermetically welded PVDF sensor; for highest chemical resistance

  • Integrated automatical sensor detection for transmitters FMU90 /FMU95; simple commissioning

  • Can be installed up to 300 m from the transmitter

  • Suited for rough ambient conditions thanks to separate installation from the transmitter

  • Reduced build-up formation because of the selfcleaning effect

  • Integrated heating against a build-up of ice at the sensor (optional); ensures reliable measurement

  • Weather resistant and flood-proof (IP68)

  • Dust-Ex and Gas-Ex certificats available (ATEX, FM, CSA, TIIS)

Field of application

  • Continuous, non-contact level measurement of fluids, pastes, sludges and powdery to coarse bulk materials

  • Flow measurement in open channels and measuring weirs

  • Maximum measuring range:
    3 m (9.8 ft) in fluids
    1.2 m (3.9 ft) in bulk materials

  • Suited for explosion hazardous areas

 For other measuring ranges:

  • FDU91/FDU91F:
    10 m in fluids
    5 m in bulk materials
  • FDU92:
    20 m in fluids
    10 m in bulk materials
  • FDU93:
    25 m in fluids
    15 m in bulk materials
  • FDU95:
    45 m in bulk materials
  • FDU96:
    70 m in bulk materials


Download Datasheet:

Prosonic S FDU90/FDU91/FDU91F/FDU92/FDU93/FDU95/FDU96

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