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Prosonic S FMU90
  • Prosonic S FMU90

Endress+Hauser Ultrasonic level meter-Prosonic S FMU90


Endress+Hauser Ultrasonic level meter-Prosonic S FMU90

Product description

Transmitter in housing for field or top-hat rail mounting for the ultrasonic sensors FDU91/91F/92/93/95/96


Your benefits

  • Simple, menu-guided operation with 6-line plain text display; 15 languages selectable

  • Envelope curves on the display for quick and simple diagnosis

  • Easy operation, diagnosis and measuring point documentation with the supplied "FieldCare" operating program.

  • Option: four digital inputs (e.g. for pump feedback) and one external temperature input

  • Time-of-flight correction via integrated or external temperature sensors

  • Linearisation (up to 32 points, freely configurable)

  • Linearisation tables for the most common flumes and weirs pre-programmed and selectable

  • Online calculation of the flume-/weir-flows via integrated flow curves

  • Pre-programmed pump control routines

  • System integration via HART or PROFIBUS DP

  • Automatic detection of the sensors FDU9x

  • The sensors of the series FDU8x can be connected


FMU90 - Field housing - (see picture)

  • Ambient temperature:-40...60 °C / -40...140 °F
  • Ingress protection:IP66 / NEMA 4x
  • Number of sensors: up to 2 sensors


FMU90 - DIN rail housing - (no picture)

  • Ambient temperature:-40...60 °C / -40...140 °F
  • Ingress protection:IP20
  • Number of sensors: up to 2 sensors


Application for level measurements

  • Continuous, non-contact level measurement of fluids, pastes, sludge and powdery to coarse bulk materials with 1 or 2 ultrasonic sensors

  • Measuring range up to 70 m (depending on sensor and material measured)

  • Level limit detection (up to 6 relays)

  • Pump control (alternating); rake control

  • Option: additional pump control functions (pump function test, ...)

  • Calculations: average, difference, sum


Application for flow measurements

  • Flow measurement in open channels and measuring weirs with 1 or 2 ultrasonic sensors

  • Simultaneous measurement of level and flow in a stormwater overflow basin with only 1 sensor

  • Flow measurement with back water detection (2 sensors) or sludge detection

  • Up to 3 totalizers and 3 (resettable) counters; optionally resettable via digital inputs

  • Counting or time pulse output for control of external units


Download Datasheet:

Prosonic S FMU90

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