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STT170 Smart Temperature Transmitter
  • STT170 Smart Temperature Transmitter

Honeywell STT170 Smart Temperature Transmitter


Honeywell STT170 Smart Temperature Transmitter

STT170 is a measurement solution for temperature monitoring applications. It helps end users and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) achieve reliable and accurate temperature measurement in a cost-effective manner.​


The STT170 is Honeywell’s economy-tier family of temperature transmitters to flank the existing mid-tier STT250 and high-tier STT350 temperature transmitters. It helps convert low level signals from temperature sensors such as RTDs and TCs into current signals and is capable of transmitting long distances through noisy plant environments.  The STT170 line consists of four temperature transmitters and one configuration tool:
STT171 – Analog output, RTD-only sensor input
STT173  – Analog output, RTD or thermocouple sensor input
STT17H – HART output, RTD & thermocouple sensor input
STT17F  – FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol, RTD & thermocouple sensor input
STT17C  – PC-based configuration tool for configuring the STT171, STT173 and STT17H transmitters 


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