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Rosemount 8711 Wafer Sensor
  • Rosemount 8711 Wafer Sensor

Rosemount Magnetic Flowmeters 8711 Wafer Sensor



Rosemount 8711 Wafer Sensor 
The flangeless design of the 8711 wafer sensor make it an economical, compact, and lightweight alternative to flanged magnetic flowmeters. Alignment rings provided with every 8711 center the sensor in the process line and make installation easier.
Lightweight, easy-to-install sensor for many common flow applications
Wide range of sizes and electrode materials to meet your needs
Cost-effective design
features benefits:
Flangeless construction for minimum size and weight
Available in sizes from 0.15 to 8 inches (4 to 200 mm)
ETFE-lined sensors comes with a choice of electrode materials to suit most process fluids
PTFE-lined sensors are available for applications requiring FDA approved lining material
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