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  • VEGASON 64

VEGASON 64 Ultrasonic sensor for continuous level measurement


VEGASON 64 Ultrasonic sensor for continuous level measurement 


Application area
The VEGASON 64 is an ultrasonic sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk solids. Typical applications are the measurement of bulk solids in silos or bunkers. The VEGASON 64 characterizes by versatile mounting possibilities and a simple setup.
Non-contact measurement
Reliable measurement, independent of product features
Proven measurement technology for standard applications
Technical data
Measuring range:1 … 15 m 
Process fitting: thread G1 swivelling holder from DN 50 flanges from DN 150
Process temperature:-40 … +80 °C
Process pressure:-0,2 … +0,5 bar (-20 … +50 kPa)
Accuracy:+/- 10 mm 
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