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ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flowmeters
  • ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flowmeters

Yokogawa ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flowmeters



Yokogawa ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flowmeters
The AXF magnetic flowmeter is sophisticated product with outstanding reliability and ease of operation, developed on the basis of decades of fieldproven experience. The AXF magnetic flowmeter is significantly easier to maintain thanks to the combination of replaceable electrodes and a diagnostic function that detects the adhesion level on the electrodes. The AXF also employs a dual frequency excitation method (available for sizes up to 400 mm / 16 in.) that eliminates fluid noise. A newly enhanced dual frequency excitation method is also available as an option for more difficult applications to ensure greater stability and quicker response.
Based on FOUNDATION™ fieldbus specifications, AXF Fieldbus models offer more flexible instrumentation through a higher level communication capability and propose the cost reduction by multi-drop wirings with less cables. FOUNDATION™ fieldbus is a registered trademark of Fieldbus FOUNDATION.
Note: The "Dual Frequency Excitation Method" is a Yokogawa innovation.





AXF Remote Flowtube

AXF Integral Flowmeter

AXFA14 Converter

AXFA11 Converter


Nominal Pipe Size

2.5 to 2600 mm                    (0.1 to 104 in.)            [depends on model type and process connection type]

2.5 to 400 mm            (0.1 to 16 in.)    [depends on model type and process connection type]

For Flowtube size ; 2.5 to 400mm (0.1 to 16 in.)

For Flowtube size ; 2.5 to 2600mm(0.1 to 104 in.)


Type of use

General-purpose use,           Ex-proof type,                Sanitary type,               Submersible type

General-purpose use,  Ex-proof type,        Sanitary type

General-purpose use,  Ex-proof type

General-purpose use


Fluid Temp.

-40160 deg.C (-40 to 320 deg.F)                                  G11(-10 to 160 deg.C (14 to 320 deg.F) for Sanitary type)

-40130 deg.C (-40 to 266 deg.F) (-10 to 130 deg.C (14 to 266 deg.F) for Sanitary type)




Ambient Temp.

-40 to 60 deg.C (-40 to 140 deg.F) [ depends on model type ]



0.35% of rate (Optional ; 0.2% of rate)


Fluid Conductivity

1 micro-S/cm or larger (depends on nominal pipe size and fluid condition)



Fluorocarbon PFA/Ceramics/Polyurethance Rubber/




EPDM Rubber/ Natural Soft Rubber


[depends on model type]


Process Connection

Wafer, Flange, Sanitary connections




(Clamp[Tri-clamp, DIN, ISO], Union thread[DIN, ISO SMS], Butt-weld), etc.


Maximum Cable Length






(330 ft)

(660 ft)




Multi line backlit LCD (Full dot-matrix)



Adhesion diagnosis, Empty pipe, Coil open, etc.


Alarm message

Alarm message with corrective measures is indicated (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese)


Excitation method

Dual frequency excitation: size 2.5 to 400mm,


Pulsed DC excitation: size 500 to 2600 mm,


Enhanced dual frequency excitation (optional): size 25 to 200 mm


Ex-proof type





Replaceable electrode, Rotatable terminal box(converter), Mirror finished lining surface(for PFA/Ceramics), Special gaskets, etc.

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