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Yokogawa Releases Enhanced Version of ProSafe-RS Safety Instrumented System


Yokogawa Releases Enhanced Version of ProSafe-RS Safety Instrumented System Ensuring Safe Operation of Plants and Upstream Oil and Natural Gas Facilities
Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it will release the enhanced ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system on November 28. This new version, ProSafe-RS R3.02.00, features input/output modules that will operate reliably in the high-temperature conditions typically encountered in desert locations. Support of an open communications protocol has also been added, enhancing ProSafe-RS's compatibility with other vendors' distributed control systems (DCS).
Overview of Enhancements
1.High temperature resistant input/output modules
High temperature resistant digital and analog input/output modules have been developed. Previously, input/output modules had to be spaced far apart to prevent the accumulation of heat. While mounted closely together, the new modules can operate at ambient temperatures up to 70°C(158°F). This reduces the system footprint.
2.Modbus/TCP protocol*1 support
Safety instrumented systems and distributed control systems are not always replaced at the same time. Therefore, ProSafe-RS has been enhanced by adding support for Ethernet-based Modbus/TCP communications with other systems. This facilitates the flexible connection of the ProSafe-RS system with distributed control systems from other vendors, allowing our customers a greater range of choice.
Takashi Nishijima, a Director and Senior Vice President, and Head of the Industrial Automation Platform Business Headquarters, comments, "The latest version of ProSafe-RS was developed to achieve safety excellence at our customers' production sites, which is one of the aims of our VigilantPlant solutions .Safety is the most important consideration in plant operations. With this new version, ProSafe-RS is now capable of ensuring under high-temperature conditions that our customers' systems work precisely and safely. The tighter connection not only with CENTUM systems but also other vendors’ systems makes it easier for companies to adopt our highly reliable safety instrumented system. We will continue our efforts to develop products that support our customers' plant operations."


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