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Yokogawa to Join Board of Directors of HART Communication Foundation

Yokogawa to Join Board of Directors of HART Communication Foundation

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it will join the Board of Directors of the HART Communication Foundation  to further contribute to the Foundation and HART Communication technology.

Yokogawa has had a long standing commitment to support HART technology since its first HART device was launched in May 1993, and has been investing substantial resources into supporting HART technology-based hosts and devices. The most recent product launch was wired HART 7 compliant pressure/differential pressure transmitters in April 2010. Yokogawa is one of the leading suppliers of HART devices and is the second largest HART pressure/differential pressure transmitter supplier worldwide.

"Yokogawa appreciates the opportunity to join the Board of Directors of the HART Communication Foundation. We will take a more active leadership role to promote and advance the use of HART Communication in Japan and the Asia-Pacific Region," said Kimikazu Takahashi, a Yokogawa Corporate Fellow. “Yokogawa is eager to participate and make positive contributions to advancing the Compliance Testing and Registration Program for HART host systems. We also believe Yokogawa could be a good driving force to move forward Wireless Convergence by fully utilizing our expertise of two technologies, WirelessHART and ISA100.11a, as we have unique experience in developing and early adapting both of these technologies to our products and recognize that both WirelessHART and ISA100.11a are important and relevant to the market."

Chiaki Itoh, Division Manager of the IA Marketing Headquarters' Business Planning Division, added that "Being in such a responsible position in the HART Communication Foundation enables Yokogawa to further contribute to the Foundation and the HART Communication technology from both the device and host system perspective."


* The HART Communication Foundation (www.hartcomm.org) is an independent, not-for-profit membership organization that provides global support for the application of HART technology. The Foundation is the technology owner, standards setting body and central authority on the HART Communication Protocol, establishing and controlling new technology developments and enhancements that support the needs of the process automation industry. Founded in 1993, Foundation membership includes more than 270 companies worldwide. The HART Protocol is the leading communication technology for smart process instruments with more than 35 million devices installed worldwide.


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